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Contest Length 8-12 Weeks
Required Daily Aerobic Exercise
Weight Loss 0-20 lbs (10 wks)
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Over 1,000 Satisfied Customers!

Corporations including: Donnelly Corp., Mazda, USAA, Georgia Pacific, Whirlpool, Sprint, Polaris, Helene Curtis, Westinghouse, Union Carbide, Anheuser-Busch.

Colleges including: Notre Dame, Illinois State, Indiana-Purdue, Indiana State.

Governmental agencies: Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Health Departments, IRS, City/County Employees.

Also: Fitness Centers, Hospitals, Churches, School Districts, Communities!

A University of Michigan Study

One year later

  • 81% were eating less fat.
  • 70% were drinking more water.
  • 46% had increased their daily exercise as compared to before starting Dump Your Plump.
  • 29% of women had maintained or lost weight.

"Analyses indicate that this minimalistic approach is just as effective as more formalized interventions both in terms of its immediate efficacy and in its long term effect given the lower cost to the consumer, this program should be viewed as a viable alternative to meet the nationís desire to lose weight and improve its health."
Anne Garcia, Ph.D.
University of Michigan

"The Dump Your Plump program is good for corporations. Corporations are anxious to have their employees more fit. The trick is getting it done. Dump Your Plump does it."

Covert Baily
Author of "Fit or Fat"


Contest Results of Over 200,000 Participants
Type of Worksite
Finished Contest
Exercised 90% or More
Average Pounds Lost
Schools 98% 60% 7.0
Corporations 95% 64% 7.2
Communities 96% 71% 8.0
Colleges 94% 56% 6.5
Government 96% 58% 5.6
Hospitals 95% 62% 6.9
Fitness Centers 89% 62% 6.3
Averages 96% 63% 7.1 lbs.
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