Fun & Prizes
Team Competition
Weekly Newsletters
Contest Length 8-12 Weeks
Required Daily Aerobic Exercise
Weight Loss 0-20 lbs (10 wks)
Teams Select Unique Names
Computerized Program
Speakers and Clinics
Weekly Weigh-ins

A Directorís Kit includes:
(MUST be used for contest)
  • Computer Software for data management
  • Director's Manual
  • Captainís Manual
  • Participantís Manuals
  • Quick Quest Booklet
  • Video Magazine 2 versions
  • Contest Newsletter (sent when Contest Manuals ordered)
  • Promotional Items

Directorís Manual
  • Contest Rules & Forms for 3 programs
  • Weight Goal Setting Guidelines
  • Exercise & Weight Loss Guidelines 
  • Motivational Tips & Special Events
Participant's Manual
(For a contest, must use the book below - see 'The Books' link.)
  • Use 'The Best Little Book Of Wellness'
  • Contest Rules & Forms
  • Aerobic Exercise Guidelines 
  • Nutrition & Weight Loss Guidelines
  • Exercise & Weight Loss Logs
  • Nutrition Logs
  • NOTE: Participant's Manual is now available in electronic form - order below and we will send you the instructions to retrieve from a Drop Box on the internet.

Computer Software

(Included in Director Kit)

  • Runs on Microsoft Excel for PC or MAC
  • Saves time and provides detailed information for contest director and participants.
Quick Quest
  • 30 Wellness Challenges 
  • Do with Dump Your Plump or separately
  • "Easiest and least expensive wellness program we've done!"
  • Additional items to help in conducting a Dump Your Plump contest are available. A list of these items will be furnished upon request.
Directorís Kit     Must have one for running a contest.
Participant's Manual   
EACH  participant must have one!
$13.50 ea
   100 - 250
$12.00 ea
   251 - 1,000
$10.50 ea
   1,001 +
$9.00 ea
Captainís (Director's) Manual
$2.50 ea
Contest Newsletter
(Free with order of 25 or more Manuals)
$50.00 ea
Quick Quest Booklet
$1.50 ea
Award Certificate
$ .25 ea
Participant's Manual
(Electronic Version)
$5.00 ea
Shipping & Handling: 8% of total order (minimum order $50.00).
Sales Tax: Michigan residents add 6%.
Phone: (269) 925-7176