Fun & Prizes
Team Competition
Weekly Newsletters
Contest Length 8-12 Weeks
Required Daily Aerobic Exercise
Weight Loss 0-20 lbs (10 wks)
Teams Select Unique Names
Computerized Program
Speakers and Clinics
Weekly Weigh-ins
DUMP YOUR PLUMPTM is a worksite wellness/exercise program featuring peer support and team competition.

DUMP YOUR PLUMPTM is ideally suited for communities and organizations who desire to assist their people in developing healthy lifestyles.

DUMP YOUR PLUMPTM has been field tested for over 18 years throughout the United States.

It has been successful in changing lifestyles because:
  • Social support and peer pressure are involved.
  • Individuals are united on a team and friendships are formed.
  • Participant Manuals and newsletters provide information on nutrition and exercise.
  • Clinics can be conducted on body composition, weight management, nutrition assessment, blood analysis, health risk appraisals, walking and fitness testing during the contest.
  • Often team members exercise together on a regular basis.

DUMP YOUR PLUMPTM results in an individual who:

  • Is healthier
  • Is absent less
  • Has increased energy
  • Has lower insurance costs
  • Has improved morale
ECONOMICAL: A contest can be conducted for less than $25 per person.  This includes awards, manuals and newsletters.
EASE OF ADMINISTRATION: There is a Directorís Kit that has all of the forms that you need, videotape and camera ready newsletters. Everything is furnished so that the Contest Director doesnít have to "reinvent the wheel." Also, computer software for data management is provided.
EDUCATIONAL: Each participant receives a manual on nutrition, weight loss, and exercise. "Take The Wellness Road," which is authored by Dr Donald Alsbro.
EFFECTIVE: The University of Michigan Kinesiology Department conducted a study on a contest featuring 1,150 participants and they determined that Dump Your Plump was significantly effective in promoting nutrition and exercise and keeping the weight off in a one year period.
ENTERTAINING: As you can see from the team names such as the "Fat Wienies," "Tons of Buns," "Purchasing Pachyderms," and "Gut Changes Forthcoming," the possibilities for team building, camaraderie, and FUN are endless.
EMPOWERING: With the emphasis on education through the participantís manual, newsletters, and the team support that develops, people are empowered to make lasting life style changes concerning exercise and nutrition.
EXERCISE: The University of Michigan study showed that one year later, 46% of the participants reported exercising more as a result of their involvement in "Dump Your Plump." This should really interest anyone who is trying to promote exercise and weight management.
Phone: (269) 925-7176