Fun & Prizes
Team Competition
Weekly Newsletters
Contest Length 8-12 Weeks
Required Daily Aerobic Exercise
Weight Loss 0-20 lbs (10 wks)
Teams Select Unique Names
Computerized Program
Speakers and Clinics
Weekly Weigh-ins
WELLNESS COUNCIL OF NORTHEAST OHIO"Healthsense" - an outreach to worksites in the Cleveland Area. E-Mail

WELLNESS QUEST:  Creative, humorous wellness items, to include journals and calendars.

LIFELINES @ WORK:   An internet health promotion company that develops and delivers educational programs and products for worksites.

SMART LIFESTYLES by Ronda GatesResources for improvement of health, productivity and effectiveness.

RUTHERFORD PUBLISHING INC:   Produces colorful & informative newsletters that help individuals and organizations discover how to take positive actions in the areas of their lives & to encourage people to use more of their potential.

PERSONAL HEALTH DESIGNSLeader in Keyboard and office comfort. Over 2,500 items, including squeezables, incentives.

THE STICKRolls knots out of muscles, inactivates trigger points, increases circulation, relieves pain, increases range of motion, promotes flexibility and accelerates recovery.

Phone: (269) 925-7176