Fun & Prizes
Team Competition
Weekly Newsletters
Contest Length 8-12 Weeks
Required Daily Aerobic Exercise
Weight Loss 0-20 lbs (10 wks)
Teams Select Unique Names
Computerized Program
Speakers and Clinics
Weekly Weigh-ins
What do I need to conduct a "Dump Your Plump" or "Movin' and Winnin'" contest?
The first requirement is to purchase a Director's Kit that contains the Director's manual, computer program, sample participant manuals, contest rules on VCR or DVD, captains manual, rules brochure and sample prizes. The Director's Kit is a one time purchase. The only other requirement is that EVERY PARTICIPANT must have a participant manual (go to 'The Books' link for the two options).
What is the difference between DYP and other weight loss programs?
There are several differences. Some are; the proven success record of DYP, the ease of conducting a contest, the low cost of the program, the educational component. But the main differences is the requirement to exercise daily and the team approach.
What does it cost to conduct a DYP contest?
That depends on your program. The basic upfront cost is the Director’s Kit and the requirement that each participant have a manual. The rest depends on other variables such as prizes, workshops, etc. The average DYP contest can be conducted for less than $15 per participant which includes the manual, prizes and newsletters. This is a minimal cost for such a comprehensive program.
Who pays this $15?
In most contests the participants pay the cost, but in many contests the worksite purchases the manuals or pays a part or all of the contest cost.
Why are participant manuals required?
Education is an extremely important part of the program. In addition to the manuals each participant will receive a weekly newsletter on wellness. These materials will provide the knowledge that is required if the person is going to make a permanent lifestyle change. Having a contest without providing an educational component is doing a disservice to your participants.
When do I order the books?
You do not order the books until you have had a chance to read the manual in the Director's kit and publicize the program. Ideally, you will submit your book order at least one week before the contest begins so that the participants will have their books prior to the start of the contest. It is a good idea to order extra manuals as you will usually have people sign up at the last moment.
Can unused books be returned?
Provided you have not used the books you can return them for full credit (minus the shipping costs). The return must be done within 14 days of the start of the contest.
How much time is required to do a contest?
This depends on many variables. The average contest is 100 people and the average time spent by the contest director is 2-3 hours a week. This can be shortened considerably if you have assistance in doing the scoring and the activities that usually accompany a DYP contest. All of this is explained in great length in the Director’s Manual.
Why would I want to use the computer program? Can I do it manually?
The computer program is an Excel spread sheet that keeps track of the individual's weight and exercise, team records and standings. The program is very user friendly and requires basic computer knowledge. Yes, you can do it manually, but it will be time consuming. With the computer program you can enter the data for 100-150 people in an hour's time, determine who receives awards, and publish the team standings. This computer program has been used since 1987 and SHOULD NOT be changed since there are protected cells. Changing them will cause problems and incorrect results. Please DO NOT change the computer program without first consulting Rainbow Wellness!
What is the difference between DYP and M&W?
Basically they are the same program, just a different name and graphics. For places that wish to do repetitive contests, this gives the opportunity to make changes and keep the program fresh.
Why would I want to do DYP on the net?
There are many reasons for doing a DYP contest on the net. For example, you might have some teams that want to continue with DYP after finishing the worksite contest. You might not have the time to conduct a program. You might only have a few people interested in weight loss, and many more reasons. The net contest is held three times a year. It gives the captain a home page to enter weekly data and gives the team instant feedback on their score and how they are doing.
How do I publicize the contest?
You promote this as a wellness contest, not a weight loss or exercise contest.
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